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Service Strategy
1. According to the 3D/2D drawings, samples and technical requirements of the required products provided by the customer, make an assessment to confirm whether they can meet the requirements.
2. After confirming that it can be satisfied, submit the relevant product price, relevant mold fee, payment method of mold fee, and delivery date to the customer for confirmation.
3. After the customer confirms the quotation, provide the supplier's product quality and technical control 2D drawings to the customer for confirmation.
4. The customer confirms the supplier's drawings and the payment method for the mold fee.
5. The customer pays the relevant mold fee according to the mold fee payment method determined by both parties.
6. After receiving the relevant mold fee from the customer, the supplier will open the mold and make samples according to the drawings.
7. The supplier will send the samples produced by mold opening to the customer for confirmation according to the delivery date requirements.
8. After the customer confirms the sample, place a formal order, determine the packaging method, and agree on the payment method
9. the customer pays according to the agreed order payment method.
10. The supplier arranges production, strictly controls the quality, delivers the goods according to the agreed delivery date, and provides relevant documents and materials.

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